Dining With The Stars

On September 11th the Chase Emerson Memorial Library hosted “Dining with the Stars”, an evening of dining at Deer Isle’s historic Pilgrim’s Inn followed by a presentation by astronomy expert Davida Kellogg.

At the Inn, guests were treated to drinks, salad, then a choice of chicken, fish, or vegetarian entrees followed by a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry coulis. 


Originally, the after-dinner presentation by astronomy expert Davida Kellogg was to center around star gazing in relation to navigation, but a thick fog meant a change of plans. Instead, participants moved across the street to the library for hands-on instruction on use of a compass rose in nautical map navigation.

Book Talk and Signing With Linda Greenlaw

Wednesday, May 30th at 4:30 p.m.

Maine author and Stonington native Linda Greenlaw spoke to a standing room only group and signed books afterward. 

Linda talked about how she came to write books, as well as being a swordfish boat captain. "What I love about fishing is the optimism...there's always reason to hope, and that's what I love about the life that I have chosen."

The library had a limited number of Linda's Jane Bunker mystery, "Shiver Hitch", available for purchase. 

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